Saturday, June 18, 2011

100 Things I Thank God for

  If you’re worried and you can’t sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep, and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.
Lately, I’ve been thinking about the things I’m thankful for. Things that seem too simple that I sometimes neglect thanking God for the blessings I receive everyday. I know how important it is to be thankful because it keeps me focused on the positives in my life. It helps me see the great things I have and do, and puts my frustrations and worries into perspective.

So today, I'm publishing a list of 100 things I personally thank God for.

1. For giving me life
2. For my loving family
3. For my great friends who are always there
4. For the love of all the people around me
5. For the health
6. For the words
7. For the books which keep me company
8. For the choice and free will
9. For music
10. For the color which makes the world beautiful
11. For the laughter
12. For the smiles from complete strangers along the way and seeing them return a smile back
13. Finding myself alive and awake in the morning
14. For the sunrise and sunset
15. For giving me my first ever pet dog
16. For the holidays
17. For Mother Nature
18. For the quiet time alone
19. For Twitter
20. For my followers
21. For the great meal everyday
22. For the Philippines
23. For making me a Filipino
24. For Iloilo, the true Queen City of the South
25. For Taylor Alison Swift
26. For the internet
27. For the encouragement
28. For the vacation
29. For the best teachers ever
30. For the compliments by everybody
31. For the critic
32. For the discipline
33. For growing up
34. For seeing wildlife
35. For people who go into public service to help and serve others
36. For the hot chocolate drink
37. For the Independence
38. For the country music, and country music singers
39. For my blog
40. For my crooked nose
41. For art
42. For the wonderful neighbors
43. For the great works of fiction
44. For poetry
45. For those of you who are reading my blog
46. For the rainy days
47 For the little things
48. For the challenges
49. For summer
50. For the confidence
51. For the experiences
52. For the jokes
53. For the clothes
54. For the moment
55. For the wonderful memories
56. For knowing how fortunate I am
57. For having something to look forward to
58. For the advices
59. For the safety
60. For the gifts
61. For world peace
62. For the knowledge
63. For the kindness of everyone
64. For the accomplished goals
65. For the strangers whom I’ve yet to make friends with
66. For the emotions
67. For time
68. For my first love
69. For feeling pain
70. For having a beautiful home
71. For knowing when to quit
72. For the plans I’ve yet to make
72. For my ever loyal dog
73. For the lovely backyard
74. For the gratitude
75. For the weekends
76. For my birthday
77. For being able to read and write
78. For Ice-creams and French fries
79. For giving me the inspiration to live
80. For the opinions
81. For all those who’ve served the country
82. For the flowers growing around the house
83. For the food on the table
84. For my alarm for telling that I woke up alive
85. For the prayer answered – large or small
86. For another good day
87. For having a peaceful quiet living
86. For the miracles
87. For the gift of faith
88. For another chance to get it right
89. For the apologies and acceptances
90. For another good week
91. For the guardian angels
92. For receiving good news
93. For being alive, well, and healthy
94. For today – just as it is
95. For all that God has done for me. I just hope that I can do what He wants me to do.
96. For the peace of mind
97. For not even being able to begin to count the blessings that I've received
98. For being me
99. For Jesus Christ
100. For my salvation

When you feel down or lonely remember to review the list you wrote. In that way you can change your mood today and perception in life. Thank you to all of you who are reading this. May you learn to be grateful and never forget to thank God for what you have – great or small.

Oh! and #101. I’m very happy I was able to write 100 things I thank God for Winking smile


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